Since 01 October 2004, all companies - both large and small, have to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. The responsibility for access into the business premises is firmly the business owner's responsibility.

But the regulations can be complex and hard to interpret. WaruMC will assist you to get it right by assessing your premises for compliance, and take steps to ensure compliant access to your workplace.

Understanding your building DDA requirement will help you budget and implement appropriate measures.

The aim of our assessment is to establish the suitability of your premises for all disabled people. The definition of disability is wide ranging and does not simply refer to those with impaired mobility. Therefore, the assessment needs to take into account all those who are defined as disabled under the Act.

The main scope of the assessment includes:

  • Suitability of emergency procedures. 
  • Provision of access ramps. 
  • Availability of appropriate toilet facilities.
  • Ease of access to all floors. 
  • Suitability of passenger lifts.
  • Width and ease of operation of doors.
  • Suitability of door furniture.
  • Parking facilities.
  • Physical barriers.
  • Suitability of signage.
  • Access to tenanted areas.
  • Public transport provision.



As consultants:

  • We place great emphasis on what the owner of the business actually wants.
  • We offer hands-on, practical, cost effective solutions to health, safety and facilities management.
  • We serve you with unique & tailor- made attention that your effective & productive compliance with health & safety legislation & regulations.
  • We don't do 'one-size fits all' health and safety management.
  • We aim to deliver a service that gives you ZERO CONCERN about health and safety issues, so you can focus on the business of doing business.
  • We are too happy to do what we do best for you.
  • While our services aim to deliver the highest standards of quality, they are also affordable.