The Regulatory Reform (Fire & Safety) Order 2005 and the Management of Health & Safety in the Workplace Regulations 1999 require that a "suitable and sufficient" risk assessment be carried out before work is started. If you have not fulfilled this most basic of requirements you may be in breach of the law and may face enforcement action or even prosecution.

To be compliant, every business owner and employer must be able to demonstrate the following:

  • All fire risks have been assessed and the results recorded with written fire risk assessments.
  • Records to show that fire fighting equipment have been provided, properly maintained and regularly inspected and maintained.
  • An Emergency Action Plan has been written, confirmed and published.
  • Employees received fire training in the use of equipment and procedures in the event of fire.
  • There are adequate means of fire detection, warning systems and escape routes in place to allow people to leave the building safely.
  • Action plans have been formulated and signed off to indicate proposed completion dates and actual completion dates.

An experienced WaruMC consultant will visit your premises and provide you with independent and comprehensive fire risk assessments and compliance audit services at competitive rates. We don't only offer advice; we carry out the risk assessment and monitor it for you if required.

Other risk assessment we also carry out are COSHH and Expected mother risk assessments. Contact us for more details.


As consultants:

  • We place great emphasis on what the owner of the business actually wants.
  • We offer hands-on, practical, cost effective solutions to health, safety and facilities management.
  • We serve you with unique & tailor- made attention that your effective & productive compliance with health & safety legislation & regulations.
  • We don't do 'one-size fits all' health and safety management.
  • We aim to deliver a service that gives you ZERO CONCERN about health and safety issues, so you can focus on the business of doing business.
  • We are too happy to do what we do best for you.
  • While our services aim to deliver the highest standards of quality, they are also affordable.