How safe is your workplace?

Just like much of human nature, it is easy to take safe environments for granted. After all, you may say, accidents do not happen in your workplace, and the likelihood of them happening is near zero.

But, is that really true? The bare fact is that nobody plans for accidents; they happen when least expected.

So then, is your workplace that safe? You can’t be that sure without the necessary professional health and safety assessment and awareness training.

WaruMC offers onsite health and safety awareness training to responsible/nominated persons and managers.

A safe and healthy working environment is good for business because it ensures the wellbeing of staff — which is essential to business performance and success. Expenditure on employees accounts for a huge quantum of overhead costs for most businesses. Therefore, creating and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for the security of you and your employees is not only important for your business, it also makes certain that the necessary health and safety legislation and regulations are complied with.

Health and safety should not be done merely to satisfy legislative requirements. It should be embedded in an organisation's culture. Companies that value and management health and safety at the best standards, actually benefit from it.

You may be wondering, ‘Is health and safety is really that important?’ Yes, it is! According to the latest statistics (key annual figures for 2012/13) published by the industry regulator, Health and Safety Executive (HSE):

  • 148 workers were killed at work.
  • 78 000 other injuries to employees were reported.
  • 175 000 over-7-day absence injuries occurred.
  • 1.1 million working people were suffering from a work-related illness.
  • 27 million working days were lost as a result of work-related illness and workplace injury.
  • Workplace injuries and ill health cost society an estimated £13.8 billion There is the tendency to shrug the above statistics off as a remote concern. But wait a minute! Health and safety non-compliance/inadequate compliance invites prosecution and other enforcement. According to the Health and Safety Executive statistics for 2012/13:
  • 574 cases were prosecuted by HSE in England and Wales.
  • 105 cases were prosecuted by local authorities in England and Wales.
  • 27 cases were prosecuted by the Procurator Fiscal in Scotland.
  • 13 503 enforcement notices were issued by all enforcing authorities.

Why don’t you avoid the health and safety (workplace accidents and ill-health) risk as well as the very probable risk of enforcement action?.

Most cases of workplace accident and ill-health are as a result of employers ignoring their health and safety responsibilities. You can become compliant and avoid the unwelcome and unpleasant eventualities by undertaking best industry-standard assessment of your workplace as well as awareness training for you and your employees.

WaruMC’s health and safety awareness training is designed to give you the information, insight and knowledge you and your employees need in order for your workplace to be compliant.

The objective of our health and safety awareness training is to:

  • equip you with the necessary health and safety regulatory knowledge.
  • identify health and safety responsibilities applicable to both you as an employer and your employees .
  • discuss reasons why health and safety is essential in the work place .
  • understand what hazardous materials are and how to identify them .
  • know how to ensure fire safety and safety of life from fire 
  • demonstrate how to handle weights and loads in a safe way 

Other specific training sessions are available such as manual handling and DSE training and son.  Contact us for more details.


As consultants:

  • We place great emphasis on what the owner of the business actually wants.
  • We offer hands-on, practical, cost effective solutions to health, safety and facilities management.
  • We serve you with unique & tailor- made attention that your effective & productive compliance with health & safety legislation & regulations.
  • We don't do 'one-size fits all' health and safety management.
  • We aim to deliver a service that gives you ZERO CONCERN about health and safety issues, so you can focus on the business of doing business.
  • We are too happy to do what we do best for you.
  • While our services aim to deliver the highest standards of quality, they are also affordable.